by Valaska

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released June 14, 2016

All Songs Written by: Valaska
Produced by: Valaska
Engineered & Mixed by: Matt Holmes
Mastered by: Doug Van Sloun @ Focus Mastering

Matt Holmes: Drums / Rhodes
Zach Porlier: Bass / Vocals
Dave Valdez: Vocals / Guitar / Piano / Keys
James Young: Guitar / Vocals

Artwork & Graphic Design: Keith Vlk



all rights reserved


Valaska Chicago, Illinois


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Track Name: Spring
I no longer beg the question of what I was before
or the platitudes behind what Ive done
cause Im not even here
and Im not even on the way up

I no longer fuse your movement with what I want to say
or the feeling that the worst is yet to come
cause you're not even here
no you're a step behind the notion

cause with simple words you spring
but I'm banal in your details
and all your riddles I concede, hold nothing for me
but you already know

I no longer hide myself in the closure of the known
and Im still rubbing the sleep from my eyes
cause what Im seeing now
is not the same before I shut down
Track Name: Hold Me Back
You went too far alone
that now you've worn down
and you're not where you thought you'd be you're inside out
and it all spells out the same no matter what you say
like a morning fog that dissipates with age

so wont you hold me back love
just keep me away from all that ive become
and wont you hold me back love
with tinier seeds waiting for the sun

I dissolved in a walls design just like I always do
despondent hues in a never ending room
and I don't need what you have
cause it was instilled in my hands
like a nervous tick that everybody knows
Track Name: Vessel
Hold your tongue
cause you're more than just anyone
but then a man comes along with steady pride
now I stand between you and a better fight
and like a misplaced wedding ring my heart's still with you
like paralysis in sleep and in my dreams as well

cause if I try to be someone else I fail
extolling all my callouses from chewing down my nails
and I want to say that
someday we’ll stop trying to figure it out
and we’ll be happy but optimism was never me

Settle down
all your panic, Ill dilute it down
so you can see it wasn't me that helped you out
cause I'm a tiny vessel tucked inside your mouth
and in ten years time ill be far more constricted
and I wont be of much use even on a micro scale
Track Name: Violence
I am everywhere
I am everywhere you have been
Now you're peering down the scope
already feeling like you're far too old
but you'd never know
you dont want to leave here where the quiet reigns
heavy with a violence
I dont feel sorry for what you found
prying all your thoughts again

In other words
you find pieces of yourself in others words
but you know the outcome too well
now you're hiding from the same things
crawling up your own sleeve
and all this violence has no meaning
if they cant see what you feel
Track Name: Ghost
it started faint, without a name
sprawling arms of subtle waves
and now its got a hold of me

and as you go and learn to breathe
and all your traits become the creaks
tip toes and still this house, it speaks

cause Ive been running out with ghosts
to feel like my old self
cant leave whats gone in the air
with all that I have exhaled
cant wait for you and your sound
with a patient ear to the ground

steps ascend to a place Ive been
settled dust, again I miss the cue
the faces change but the storys the same

how can you prove something you claim to love
when every creak in the floor seems far more tangible
how can you prove something you claim to love
when the pictures on the wall are just a frame of mind
Track Name: Sad Bones
When you're alone
do you feel the world spin without you
and are you afraid
your voice wont reach over the turning
but as you hide away
and every single one of your sad bones sliver in bed
you say
you carelessly left your candles burn into the sunrise

when you're alone
coiled in your lust you're unencumbered
and thats how its been
and it seems like every days written in shorthand
but as you lie awake
just trying to recall what keeps you on this side of the glass
you say
your days are killing time and you're a creature born within your own moonlight
Track Name: Sun Dogs
Are you on my side
cause my arms lived to settle you
are you holding onto something
revealing most of what we’d never say
when it feels you're turning it my way
and if it's your love then let it go
and I’ll hold my hand to those precious eyes
Track Name: Human Condition
you had some happiness waiting at home
the warm fire in the blizzard storm so you
let it go and blame the ebb and the flow
its not the way it was supposed to go

pack up your dreams in the back of the yard and,
play it off like you know who you are, you haven't
looked in a mirror since all your friends disappeared
you say you're fine with pretty eyes swelling up with tears

and remember when you said you wanted to quit but
there's always something new you need to forget so you
burnt down a bridge cause you felt up for the swim
and the waters warm but now you're lonely and drifting

and now that I've fallen sick
with the human condition
where life's better with
both your eyes close
or whatever gets you home

its perfect circles when we're setting it straight but you
lost track of us in all your chakra haze and the
sex on your breath, a minor bedside effect
at this point I'd even settle as a consequence

can't really say that theres a lesson I've learned cause
I'll find a way to get my feelings hurt so keep me
in the loop before you tighten the noose
these are the dog days of my unstable brain.
Track Name: Minor
Im letting go of all thats been with me
I’m tired of the seldom wind
and now that you don't have to be here
anymore than I could be
the breeze wont return with me

I dig down to find something frail
and I hold onto you just like dirt under my nails
and im walking on wires till i fall
straight into the eyes of the one standing tall
would you save me still if I told you of my faults

now my eyes are tired ravines
cutting down the core in anyway
and all this silence brings
is the hope that someone else will sing

Im the minimum of everything I could have
Now Im manic cause I just dont want to understand
my actions and all they ever tried to be
cause admitting that you're wrong never helps

so when the time is right then breathe
and if you're here now thats where you should be
cause my eyes are tired ravines
so come a little closer and sing
Track Name: Sleep
Did I run myself away,
am I lighter now, cause I held on its threads
and now its coming back for more
Did I breathe for its pride, cause it lived in my eyes
well, Ive been wrong
I’ve been waiting for the sun to give in
and you know I couldn't help but think that it did

so let me sleep it off
and wake when Im new
when its slow enough
and night opens up
then ill forget what Im not
and become what I want
cause all these words dont relate

I tried to hone in the sights
in my periphery,
I tried resisting the silence
but I couldn't let it be
and now Im wide awake with truth
and Id swear on it for you
but ive been wrong
and ive been waiting for sun to give in
and you know I can help but think that it did